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Berkeley, California 94703

2008 Grand Parade (11am - 1pm) and Festival (Noon - 5pm) - Sunday September 28
History: P.E.T.A. - sorry, it's not People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, it's People Eatin them Animals!

The "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade and Festival began in 1996, and was the brainchild of John Solomon, a longtime University Avenue merchant. John's involvement with the University Avenue Association led him to believe that a major event of University Avenue would send a positive signal about the University Avenue corridor, which at the time was struggling with public safety, empty store fronts, graffiti, and a poor quality of life. John felt that a major event would indeed signal that University Avenue was a place on the rebound, that it was a place to do business, to live, to stroll, and that it was a worthy entrance to the City. He saw it as an opportunity to celebrate community, to leave partisan politics behind, for the citizenry to look in the mirror and laugh.

John and longtime collaborator Karen Hester have retired from the major responsibility of organizing the parade and festival. The torch has now been passed to Epic Arts
Rosin Coven's Pagan Lounge Cabaret
And so, the "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade and Festival now celebrates itself for the Thirteenth year and has grown into a major event! Over 90 organizations participated in the parade last year, easily over 1000 people, and last year over 15,000 people from all over the Bay Area and beyond lined the sidewalks and joined in the festivities at Civic Center Park.
Ghandi Peace Float - sponsored by the University Avenue Association
Come and help Berkeley celebrate itself in one of the most colorful, irreverent, and fun events on the west coast. The Thirteenth Annual "How Berkeley Can You Be!?" Parade kicks off on Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 11:00 A.M. It starts at the corner of California and University Avenue and proceeds up University Avenue to Shattuck, turns right on Shattuck to Center Street and then goes down Center Street two blocks, where it ends in Civic Center Park. Anywhere along that route is a fine place to watch the parade. Traffic on University Avenue is restricted so please take public transportation. The downtown Berkeley BART station is on the parade route on Shattuck Avenue.

Banana Bike - built by Terry Axelson, of Sunnyvale, Ca. He actually has help pedaling with a moped motor
We are always interested in getting more interesting, irreverent, funny, provocative participants in the parade.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are registering for BOTH the Parade and a Festival Booth, you will need to fill out TWO separate registration forms - one for each. Thank you!
Questions? To register for our 2008 Parade or for a Festival Booth (online or by mail) visit our Registration Page If you are interested submitting music for our festival stage email
booking (at) .
Websites, online press kits, video clips, and mp3s are the preferred method of reviewing submissions. You may also mail a promo pack to:
How Berkeley Booking c/o Epic Arts
1923 Ashby Avenue Berkeley CA 94703
For all media and press inquiries contact Justin Katz justin (at)
Contact registration (at) or
call Epic Arts at (510) 644-2204 ext. 12.

Official Website:

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Note that the event address is incorrect; the OFFICE is by Ashby, but the events are all closer to Downtown Berkeley BART.


I will correct this tonight. But for now... here is an important update!!!

The note reads:

Hi, you listed How Berkeley Can You Be with the OFFICE address on Ashby when really the "venue" should be civic center park in downtown Berkeley. People using upcoming's map will end up getting off at the wrong BART station and being very confused and missing all the fun. thanks!

Peace LI