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Being successful with Enterprise 2.0 and social computing projects and initiatives requires a clear understanding of the right tools, techniques, and critical success factors. This session will provide a comprehensive examination of the latest Enterprise 2.0 tools and platforms, current and cutting edge implementation techniques, and will provide an in-depth exploration of successful Enterprise 2.0 rollouts via the latest case studies.

Enterprise 2.0 tools and platforms from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Google, BEA, SuiteTwo, and other leading Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 firms will be examined in detail throughout the session with fast-paced and informative demonstrations and detailed analysis. The focus will be on the capabilities for helping organizations deliver on a complete and integrated Enterprise 2.0 strategy ranging from effective enterprise search to the use of blogs, wikis, portals, and syndication. Also covered are advanced techniques such as prediction markets and enterprise mashups to fully leverage the productive capability of workers in a scalable yet emergent fashion.

The session will also explore best practices and emerging techniques for Enterprise 2.0 social media and adoption including social aggregration, analytics, expertise location, reputation systems, and more. Whenever possible, patterns and practices are backed by cited material from existing and new case studies when they show proven efficacy. The session is intended to be a comprehensive overview of the Enterprise 2.0 space from current products to best practices.
Who Should Attend

* Individuals whose job responsibility involves collaboration with other individuals, teams, and organizations
* Executives and managers in business and IT with responsibility for designing, implementing, and operating IT systems and business processes within their organization
* IT staffers and general line of business workers that are seeking to apply the latest social computing best practices directly to their daily work
* CIOs and CTOs that are seeking to be more effective in their positions
* Enterprise architects that wish to leverage their IT resources and support their internal customers more effectively
* Business planners and strategists that are seeking to optimize their organizations for maximum efficiency and business-focused results

You Will Learn

* What the latest leading tools and platforms in the Enterprise 2.0 and social computing space are and their capabilities
* Current and emerging best practices in Enterprise 2.0 and Social Computing
* Innovative new techniques for applying social media and 2.0 era approahces in the workplace
* The findings of the latest Enterprise 2.0 case studies

About the Instructor
Dion Hinchcliffe is Founder and Chief Technology Officer for the Enterprise Web 2.0 advisory and consulting firm Hinchcliffe & Company, based in Alexandria, Virginia. A veteran of software development, Dion has been working for two decades with leading-edge methods to accelerate project schedules and raise the bar for the strategic application of technology to business. He is a popular blogger for ZDNet and was one of the very first analysts to cover the Enterprise 2.0 space. Dion has extensive practical experience with enterprise technologies and he consults, speaks, and writes prolifically on business, IT, and software architecture.

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