49 Columbia Road
London, England E2 - 7RG

Thursday 5 June 2008.
19:00 - 23:00.
Free entry.

Full information here: http://www.immersionclub.tk

The Flea-Pit
49 Columbia Road
E2 7RG
020 7033 9986

Immersion is a free-entry experimental music/sound-art event featuring a soundtrack of electronics, noise, pulses/rhythms and tones/drones.

Immersion is an arena for new and established artists performing live experimental electronic music; using laptops, synthesizers, field recordings, circuit-bent electronics and prepared/processed/custom-made instruments.

All sounds are partnered by stimulating projected visuals processed live and tailored for each performance.

The artists featured in Immersion 05/06 are:

A Blacklight Communication:
Abcomm presents a series of rhythmic experiments building up from stripped down minimal electronic repetitions. An original clash of Dub and Techno styles.

Alnagak is a project in which all tracks are improvisations using the established conventions of techno as a base, then warped and distorted through home made hardware and software to create new sounds.

Influenced Heavily by Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Amon Tobin, ChanQ is exploring ways in which Brain Dance can be mixed with the rhythms of its minimalist opposite Dubstep to counter the repetitive nature of the commercial Drum 'n' Bass scene.

Diskhorde's music is intensely dark and dramatic. The unique sound is a product of fusing together sampled and organic sounds and the paring of both low and hi fidelity technologies. The edgy tracks emerge from a seemingly implausible blend of disparate melodies, ranging from old recordings of cultural music to the conversations on police radios, overlaid with distorted samples, and reinvented synth loops. The layering and blending of these elements creates an atmospheric journey that travels from expansive to claustrophobic, the remorseless mid tempo pace giving space to the complex cacophony of sounds. The result has a resonance that is in parts familiar and yet without a specific place.

God Goes Wireless:
God Goes Wireless is a collaborative project formed by two sound artists as a vehicle to explore industrial soundscapes.

Having caused a stir both here and in the US with his contribution to the 2006 Squarediscs compilation "fedhu/eusi", alongside the likes of MOQ and Eakui, Sveldt moved over to burgeoning electronic label Airvent Media for his limited edition debut EP "bi-polar" in 2007 and is also present on their latest compilation "Event White". Recent interest from Brainstormlab and their associated artists has culminated in remixes by Ralp and FMcontrol and a contribution to their upcoming release "un1q", a compilation of remixes of the Iqbit track of the same name. Usually opting to play a fully improvised set instead of re-hashed versions of studio tracks, Sveldt live shows are always a unique, constantly evolving flow of rhythm, melody and soundscapes that is both dance-worthy and technically interesting.

Official Website: http://www.immersionclub.tk

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