49 Columbia Road
London, England E2 - 7RG


Thursday 3 April 2008.
19:00 - 23:00.
Free entry.

Full information: http://www.immersionclub.tk

Immersion is a free-entry experimental music/sound-art event featuring a soundtrack of electronic atmospheres, noisescapes, pulses/rhythms and tones/drones.

Immersion is an arena for new and established artists performing live experimental electronic music; using laptops, synthesizers, field recordings, circuit-bent electronics and prepared/processed instruments.

All sounds are partnered by stimulating projected visuals processed live and tailored for each performance.

The Flea-Pit is a unique cafe-bar/arts venue with comfortable retro furniture - and a gallery/performance area, in the heart of east/central London's vibrant art scene and is located only five minutes away from Shoreditch High Street. Nearest tube: Old Street (exit 2).

The artists featured in Immersion 03/04 are:

0 > 1:
0 > 1 is an alias for the miscellaneous musical deluge of London-based electroacoustic composer Lee Fraser. This performance will feature the live sequencing and manipulation of pre-recorded sound objects alongside complex generative micro-rhythmic structuring.

Sound/scape/pattern design using a combination of (frequently obsolete and/or self-modified) analogue and digital hardware, field recordings and non-commercial software. live performance in this instance using object-orientated software and laptop.
Previously released music on the Ai, Rag & Bone & Bad Sekta labels, and has forthcoming in 2008 on Dirty Needles, Ai & more. Previous live performances @ NFA, Hekate, Pitchless/Ill Eagle, Abacus parties; Random Artists events; Wheels instead of Hooves; London Electrics; Dedbeat 4...

Jack Marchment:
A land of towering analogia, monolithic muzak and fictional electro-acoustic stars, Jack Marchment's forthcoming album 'Corydon and Manjrekar' will be released on Scotland's Benbecula Records in May 2008.

Magnumquilter has been rocking open-minded parties in Wales and the Southwest with a live set that mixes horror-movie ambience and disembodied voices with glitched, ‘Autechre-ish’ distorted beats.

Experiments with lo-fi electronics, noise and field recordings have been used to produce drones and repetitions - creating minimalist tracks that lie somewhere between machine-noise and 1970's sci-fi horror soundtracks.

The Jones Memorandum:
A one man sound project that originally had no intention of going further than the kitchen table. Simplistic beats, velvet chords and the wondrous metronomic melody of various photocopier machines are guaranteed.


Visual credits:

pixelpusher (Evan.Raskob) is a live video performance artist, or "pixelist". After a few years of pixel-pushing across New York City, he now plies his trade on the mean streets of London. pixelpusher generates video out of a controlled chaos of photographic images, simple shapes, animations, sounds, and live video feeds. All software is homemade, all imagery is created live; things may go wrong in beautiful ways, and no performance is ever the same.

Official Website: http://www.immersionclub.tk

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We are delighted to announce the next event will feature projected visuals created/processed live by the following special guests:

Dave Griffiths

Fat Butcher

Dr. Mo