49 Columbia Road
London, England E2 - 7RG

Immersion is a free-entry experimental music/sound-art event featuring a soundtrack of ambient journeys, electronic atmospheres, noisescapes, sonic experiments and tones/drones.

Immersion is an arena for new and established artists performing live experimental electronic music partnered by stimulating projected visuals processed live and tailored for each performance.

The Flea-Pit is a unique cafe-bar/arts venue with comfortable retro furniture - and a gallery/performance area, in the heart of east/central London's vibrant art scene and is located only five minutes away from Shoreditch High Street. Nearest tube: Old Street (exit 2).

The artists featured in Immersion 06/12 are:

0 > 1:
0 > 1 is an alias for the miscellaneous musical deluge of London-based electroacoustic composer Lee Fraser. This performance will feature the live sequencing and manipulation of pre-recorded sound objects alongside complex generative micro-rhythmic structuring.

Gareth Mitchell:
Using primarily voice and prepared guitar, live work is based around reinventing songs, improvising and augmenting sound with loops, effects and laptop electronics.
He has released five solo albums of experimental music on various labels such as Kranky and ERS/Staalplaat and performed at numerous venues such as The Knitting Factory in New York and festivals around Europe such as Nozart in Cologne and EARational in s'Hertogenbosch, Holland and OFFF in Barcelona.
Collaborations include those with Stefano Giust, Thomas Kumlehn, Rediffusion and We Have Information. He has worked on several commissions, most recently for the National Theatre ("Next Generation"), Resonance FM's Radio Gallery series and the Arts Council ("speaksong" for the Lit Up festival in Kendal).

Map 165:
There is a rich history of providing soundtracks for classic silent films and in this way discovering something new about the pieces. This is especially true of the work of the early 20th century Surrealists. Their extraordinary and pioneering work still amazes and provides a wonderful opportunity to marry creative sound to their startling images. To this end, Map 165 will be providing new soundtracks for a selection of short Surrealist films by Leger and Man Ray. Using their usual 'planned improvisation' method, Martin A. Smith and Tim Hooper hope to unearth new meanings and deeper complexities within the films.

Orfeus 9:
Orfeus 9 melds electronic music with samples including space debris, poetry and natural sounds to create ambient soundscapes, big beat and IDM. An eclectic sonic crucible.

Presents a series of sound experiments created by building upon non-programmed minimal repetitions of static noise and rhythmic feedback - processed through multiple filters and defined by accidental and reactive parameter interactions.

Suero is not looking for an electronic-perfect-label to describe what it does. Suero does not use computers. Suero builds a real time sound-noise sculpture based on his own sounds, to drive the listener to an analogue extreme and dark field, rather than a "cliche electronic happiness".

Please visit the Immersion website for more information:

Official Website: http://www.immersionclub.tk

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