49 Columbia Road
London, England E2 - 7RG

Thursday 05 April 2007.
19:00 - 23:00.
Free entry.

Immersion is a free-entry experimental music/sound-art event presenting a relaxed soundtrack of ambient journeys, electronic atmospheres, improvised terrain, sonic experiments and tones/drones.

Immersion is an arena for new and established international artists performing live experimental electronic music; using laptops, synthesizers, field recordings, circuit-bent electronics and prepared/processed instruments.

Immersion gives participating artists the opportunity to expand beyond the familiar parameters of their work and to investigate possibilities that they may have previously only touched upon in an informal and relaxed setting.

All sounds are partnered by stimulating projected visuals processed live and tailored for each performance to complete the audio/visual experience.

The Flea-Pit is a unique café-bar/arts venue with comfortable retro furniture - and a gallery/performance area, in the heart of east/central London’s vibrant art scene and is located only five minutes away from Shoreditch High Street. Nearest tube: Old Street (exit 2).

The artists featured in Immersion 05/04 are:

Bobby Whelan:
‘Bobby's live music is improvised using home-made equipment, focusing upon the processing of sound and building pieces without a preconceived structure.'

devotchka.s conundrum:
'devotchka.s conundrum mixes electroacoustic techniques with electronics, circuit bent objects and toys with vocals and noise; loud or quiet, clean or distorted, they have no preconceptions. in their world sound and image work together or against each other: hearing becomes a spiderweb to capture the other senses.'

Edge Effect:
‘Andy Preston (aka Edge Effect) attempts to blend high-art sensibilities with Punk Rock's do-it-yourself ethic. Andy is a "synthesiser hacker", allowing sounds to grow organically using a mixture of improvisation and prepared structures to create evolving, dark-ambient textures that he uses to try to evoke eldritch images of inner worlds of dreams and hallucinations.’

‘ghOst is a vehicle for experimental electronic music in the drone/noise/subsonic field. Influenced by Justin Broadrick's Final, Sunn O)) and power electronics as well as Magma, the themes of celestial and ethereal, other worldly soundscapes are explored within a narrative framework.’

Presents a series of ambient noise/rhythmic feedback and FX loop experiments, originally recorded live onto minidisc. No programming – no overdubs.

Uneven Dots:
‘The Uneven Dots live sound is developed by piecing together pre-recorded pianos, guitars, drums, fireworks, obscure percussion and effects and rearranging these elements in an organic and improvisational fashion. Beats play an integral part in the show, as does a strong melodic core.’

Visual credits:

‘pixelpusher (Evan.Raskob) is a live video performance artist, or "pixelist." After a few years of pixel-pushing across New York City, he now plies his trade on the mean streets of London. pixelpusher generates video out of a controlled chaos of photographic images, simple shapes, animations, sounds, and live video feeds. All software is homemade, all imagery is created live; things may go wrong in beautiful ways, and no performance is ever the same.’

Official Website: http://www.immersionclub.tk

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