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Portland, Oregon 97218

Ever feel that consulting is a lonely business? If yes, then you need to know about IMC, a group of independent consultants who meet regularly to share information and listen to quality speakers. IMC helps its members keep on top of growing trends and stay current with new methodologies and technologies for conducting successful practices.

Learn more about IMC and the current trends and techniques of how to market your practice more successfully. At this special IMC event, you'll meet a panel of experts who understand what works and why. And you'll get a chance to share your questions, concerns and expertise.

This could be the best three hours you've ever invested. You already have the industry expertise and perspective that adds value for your clients. Our focus in this workshop will be to help you develop skills to market your services, gain clarity about how to describe them, and to define your target markets. That's not all! Want to learn how to quantify the economic benefit of your services to your clients? Ready to see how to build a sales story that effectively delivers the value of your consulting?

This workshop and gathering will show you why you can rely on IMC for professional skills development plus new ideas, strategic alliances and networking to help you build your practice.


Official Website: http://imc-oregon.org

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