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Monaco, Calabria

Our need to protect our surroundings, coupled with the increasing availability of digital information, is changing the ways in which buildings and infrastructures are designed, our use of space and energy, town planning and the protection of rural areas. It revolutionises traditional approaches to urban management and migration. In the future, the towns and cities that we live in will be different from those of today and our increasing exposure to the effects of natural disasters will force us to protect populations and manage crises differently.
Digital 3D technologies serve as excellent analysis, design and decision-making tools, enabling engineers, scientists, designers and implementers to meet the huge challenges that they are currently faced with as our surroundings change, helping them to imagine and build the world of the future. These technologies are now essential in managing the towns and cities of tomorrow, identifying and preventing natural and industrial risks, developing infrastructure and, as a result, putting migration strategies in place.

The next edition of imagina will lay the foundations of a new type of event in Europe by connecting the digital technologies for 3D modelling and simulation to the emerging issues related to the layout of smart cities, territory sustainable management and environmental protection.

Imagina has become the leading event where providers of digital solutions integrating 3D visualization, simulation and augmented reality technologies can meet together with all those who implement them in an effort to establish the best possible groundwork for the future of our world.

Official Website: http://goo.gl/DeR1T

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