1 Mark Twain Cir
St Louis, Missouri 63105

I'm Sorry & I'm Sorry
Part Marx Brothers, Part Coen Brothers, Part Cirque Du Soleil, I'm Sorry & I'm Sorry employs physical comedy, evasive banter, acrobatic drunkenness, willful deception, and no small amount of absurdity to tell the tale of a seasick sailor and his perfectly incompetent crime.

Written, Directed & Performed by The Candidatos, Kevin Wall and Justin Rose

"One of the funniest 'morning-after' stories ever." - NYTheatre.com

"A fantastic voyage in the hands of two supremely talented Candidatos." - Philadelphia Metro

"Nonsense in the best sense...imagine a fancy dress party attended by Terry Thomas as Laurence Olivier and Charlie Chaplin as Inspector Clousea." - Irish Theater Magazine

Official Website: http://www.thecandidatos.com

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