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Social Networking expert Jason Alba, Author of "I'm on LinkedIn - now what?" has but together a great presentation for us, designed to help you get the most out this popular business networking site.

With over 12 million members there is a lot of potential to find and develop relationships to help in your business and personal life, but many professionals find themselves wondering what to do once they signup. Jason will explain different benefits of the system and recommends best practices so that you can get the most out of LinkedIn.

If you are interested in advancing your career, increasing your business or expanding your opportunities through relationships, this presentation is for you. It will help you understand and develop an effective online social networking strategy with LinkedIn.

Those attending will walk away with:

1. an understanding of LinkedIn and why they should use it
2. a set of best practices and tips to get started and keep moving
3. an understanding of how LinkedIn fits into their networking and career strategy

About the Presenter:

Jason Alba is the job seeker and networking advocate. He got laid off in January 2006, just a few weeks after Christmas. Even though he had great credentials and it was a job-seeker's market, Jason could hardly get a job interview. Finally he decided to step back and figure out the job search process, including trying to understand all of the available resources. Within a few months he had designed a personal job search tool, JibberJobber.com, which helps professionals manage career and job search activities the same way a salesman manages prospects and customer data.

$31.95 (prepaid) or $34.95 at Door.

Official Website: http://www.midpeninsulaprofessionalalliance.com

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