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The Digital Book: Friend or Foe? A discussion on the role of the publisher, the author and the reader in the online world.

In a recent Walrus Magazine article, novelist Jon Evans says:

"…once a book is an e-book, once a text has been turned into pure information, then all the copy-right-protection scheme and intellectual-property lawyers in the world won't keep it from being made available for free..…In the not-too-distant future, all books will be freely available, just as essentially all popular music is right now."

Though not entirely novel, this idea needs to be addressed - NOW. What can publishers do to plan, create, innovate and position themselves in the online world?

The advantages of the digital book are numerous – for example, the expenses saved on printing and shipping could be a boon for publishers, authors and consumers. But...

By creating digital books, are publishers hastening their own demise; OR securing their continued position as the broker of content between the creators and the consumers? Will Project Gutenberg become the next Kazaa or the next iTunes?

As with most things in the digital world the early adaptors become the kings.

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