695 North Ave Atlanta, Ga 30308
Atlanta, Georgia

August 28th the elder statesmen of the Atlanta music scene Heavy Mojo return in a tour de force with two of the scenes most celebrated new stars, Fifty 1 Fifty and The Grand Prize Winners from Last Year (Yes that’s the name of the band). The original music from these bands is a refreshing departure from all the covers bands and sound -a -likes on the music scene. The bands are unapologetic in their presentation of what they believe music should be about and that makes them relevant. Imagine seeing Led Zeppelin, Rage against the Machine, and Parliament Funkedelic in one tight little show and you would only begin to tap into the energy this show promises to provide. The show is $10.00 and you’ll get more for your money than you bargain for, without a doubt.

Official Website: http://www.masq.com

Added by atlantabands on August 16, 2010