2123 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, California

Unofficial "I'm In Like With You" San Francisco meetup!

This is just a social gathering, organized in honor / despite of my being in the SF Bay Area for two weeks and because, well, there hasn't been one yet. Why not? Nobody knows, but it's time to change that.

Okay, we'll be doing a three-part event and anyone's welcome to attend any or all of the three parts! Just show up to whichever part you want to attend. :-)

We're starting at 3pm at Bittersweet Hot Chocolate Cafe[1] (Google Maps: http://rurl.org/3rb )

Then at 5pm we're heading out to a restaurant for dinner (large group = long order, actual eating won't be before 6.30pm), probably in Japantown as it's only five blocks away.

After that, we'll head to a laid back bar / coffee place for some relaxed hanging out. The time for this will depend on the location and number of people who were at the dinner.

The locations of parts 2 and 3 of this three-part event are not yet defined, but will be decided upon BY MONDAY JUNE 4! So cast your vote/suggestions before then.

Kevin (kevnull) and I are the organizers & contact points. We will be Twitterring about the details as it all takes place, including — and this will be very important and useful — destinations and status of groups moving about! So add us to your Twitter if you haven't already:

Event homepage is my IILWY profile page where news may also appear on this event.

[1] http://www.bittersweetchocolatecafe.com/

Official Website: http://iminlikewithyou.com/profile/detail/Faruk%20Ates

Added by KuraFire on May 30, 2007



watch out. faruk has game - and i'm not talking about the kind you bid on.


Actually, it looks like we're gonna do a day time thing instead now. Stay tuned.

mimi onx

soma sounds good.


I need someone to guarantee I won't be the only girl there.


@karenism: count me in as another girl!


Mmm hot chocolate and hot people. Well, there better be at least one of the two :P


that's still like 3 girls only. Two of which I know.

Found out I have family obligations so can't make it... have fun, kids.


MMmm..chocolate! I'll try to make it! :)

Joshua Kaufman

Design geeks who are otherwise taken also welcome!


Darn. Next time!


DoH. Apologies to all-- I came down with a cold/fever yesterday. Won't be showing. =P


holy crap. it's 2nd most popular event behind haight ashbury street fair


the event continues thru to evening so check twitters to join us midway.


Darn, just found out about this, woud've come if I knew earlier!