8 Jian Guo Zhong Lu near Chong Qing Nan Lu
Shanghai, Shanghai

IGO was formed in 2006 as a Synth Pop duo. The band members include JJay (vocals) and B6 (electronics).

JJay and B6 first met in 2000, but only five years later they started to produce music together. As the most famous DJ in Shanghai, B6 played frequently in the major nightclubs of Shanghai and quickly built up a solid followings. B6 is also an electronic music producer, with various styles of electronic music. He has published multiple compositions, including the background music for a Nike advertisement. He is also the founder of Neocha.com, one of the largest internet platforms for youth indie-culture in China. The US-educated JJay was known as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the local post-punk, new wave band Bird On a Wire. He found a unique musical style by combining the mechanical quality of post punk with melodic sensation.

This summer, IGO has signed with Modern Sky Record and will release their highly expected debut album in Sept. 2007

Here is the list of live dates accompany the debut releasing:
Sept. 21st 10:00pm, 4live, Shanghai, guest artist: Re-tros
Sept. 27th , Mao, Beijing, guest artist: New Pants
Dec.13th~16th, Singapore

If you love Depeche Mode, New Order, David Bowie and electro dance music, you can’t miss this band. The best Synth Pop tunes in 21st century are produced not in Europe, but here in Shanghai, China.

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Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/igoigo

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