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IGNITE! - Tele-Seminar Series Starts 10/21 - Discover how to IGNITE your business and have red hot sales results you can brag about. 100% Guaranteed!

Are you a solo entrepreneur, small business owner or someone ready to launch a new business who…

- Is feeling exhausted from working long hours and is overwhelmed by the amount of work a business requires?

- Would love to have passive income, know how to price and sell your ideas to current and new customers?

- Has tried everything and nothing is getting the results you need? Current customers love you, but you’re the best kept secret around?

- Would love to get paid what you’re worth and have your customers buy more right on the spot, instead of feeling like you’re chasing them, or worse, not even trying to sell?

- Would be more than happy to work fewer hours, while making more money?

- Wanted a mentor to show you exactly what to do to create a healthy, wealthy business?

If so, I’m ready to help you! I’ve been helping lots of small business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups with these exact same issues for the past 6 years – and before that I worked with Fortune 100s.

This 8-week "crash course" takes you step-by-step and shows you specific strategies to grow your business and increase your sales within 30 days! 100% Guaranteed!

In addition to the 8 live training calls, you’ll also have assignments to complete prior to each call as well as complete and learn strategies that are cost-free to implement that will dynamically increase your sales results!

Date - Begins 10/21 - 12/9 - 8 weekly calls
Where: Just call in from any phone

To Register or Get More Details Visit: or call us at -877-

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