1621 12th Ave
Seattle, Washington 98122

The next Ignite is scheduled for... February 13th upstairs at the CHAC. The upstairs is huge and will be freshly renovated. It has high ceilings with lots of room for things to fly though the air.

Admission will be free. The format will be the same. The top-secret Make event will begin at 6:30 and go til 8:00. The Ask Later talks will begin at 8:30 and continue for three rounds with frequent breaks.

We'll give you one hint for Bre's make event: You'll have to figure out how to save your chickens before they hatch.

Official Website: http://igniteseattle.com

Added by Brady Forrest on December 18, 2006



Hey everyone,

I wasn't in the know when the first ignite rolled around, but I psyched to see what it's about this time. So can someone who was there fill me in on how the building projects go. Are we looking at team efforts, or was everyone geeking out all by themselves. I may have to draft some of my friends or be drafted by someone here?