2229 SE Hawthorne BLVD
Portland, Oregon 97214

Join Strands and Polymer Studios (http://www.polymerstudios.com/) for the Ignite Portland after party on June 18th at Imbibe. Strands is also giving away a 3G iPhone. You do not need to be a Strands user to attend the party, only to win the iPhone.

How to? RSVP at http://beta.strands.com/strands/posts/236027 One random winner will be chosen from the list of comments left on the post at the party. Winner has to be strands user and be at the after party. Remember that in order to be entered into the contest you have to leave a comment on Strands.

If you aren't currently a Strands beta user, just go to beta.strands.com and use the promo code "Ignite" to sign up. Then enter the contest and RSVP.

WHERE: Imbibe; WHEN: June 18th directly following Ignite. If you are not a member of Strands, just email us for an invite!

Official Website: http://beta.strands.com/strands/posts/236027

Added by Strands on June 11, 2008



Umm... you're making RSVPing a little difficult with your broken link there ;)


Can't seem to sign up to be a user without an invitation code. How does one go about getting one?


Clicked link, logged in, 404'd.


@tlockney When we saw the demo of the Strands beta in PORTLAND, they were kind enough to give us PORTLAND types a promo code. The promo code isn't only for PORTLAND people mind you. But it has something to do with the word PORTLAND. Also, PORTLAND.

P.S. I'll never tell what the promo code is. Never!


The link should be working now. If you need an invite just use the code "Ignite." Problems or questions email Heather- [email protected]


Ok, I give up... neither the hinted code from turoczy, nor the code given by strands seem to work. In both cases (trying nearly every imaginable combination of capitalization I could think of), I was turned away. Sadly, it is just not meant to be...


The Portland code is no longer working but you can use the Ignite code. If you have any problems, please let us know. We are trying to fix Thomas' issue.


When signing up for Strands using the promo code...go to beta.strands.com and enter your email and the promo code "Ignite" in the box below. You do not need to click on the "register with invite code" link. We are sorry for the confusion and working to make it clearer.


I'll be there, link worked fine for me :)


I can't believe little ole' Ignite Portland has grown up to the point that it merits not one, but TWO awesome afterparties! *sniff*


I can't believe little ole' Ignite Portland has grown up to the point that it merits not one, but TWO awesome afterparties! *sniff*


i'm with @tlockney--nothing i could do with "Ignite" at any prompt seemed to work. which link should we follow to enter it? i tried the "register" link where it asked for my name and that one told me to get lost, and just trying the "i have an invite code" directly on the page listed above and freestyling my login/password with the "Ignite" code didn't work either.


No no no, don't give up! I just tried again and I got the invite by e-mail within 2 seconds :) Go to beta.strands.com and Request an Invitation using your e-mail address and the promo code "Ignite".

You'll get an e-mail invite and then just follow the directions. HINT: If you're already a registered MyStrands.com user, you can keep your existing username and pw on Strands - just read the instructions in the e-mail :)


Well i'm not really going, but i'm going to drink loads of wine & pretend i could join you all :)


Fabulous party! Thanks Strands and Polymer!


Thanks for all who came to IP3 and the after-party! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next one :)