1575 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, Illinois

What is an Ignite? It is a small conference built around 5 minute presentations that include 20 slides each (allowing for 15 seconds / slide).

The presentations must be about *how* to do something cool. For example, they cannot be about how great your startup is, but rather about something novel that you learned while creating your startup.

Note - the location has changed - Goose Island decided it would be a good idea to double-book the venue stating at 9pm. We didn't want to cut the event short so we scrambled for a new location. The new location is significantly better for the following reasons:

1. closer to the city
2. won't double-book us
3. significantly better A/V capabilities

Official Website: http://ignite-chicago.org

Added by seanharper on November 1, 2007



sound like a great concept. looking forward!


Sounds like an excellent idea!

Here's to learning!


Can't wait to meet all those famous presenters!


well, finally - with this concept 20/15 = 5 presentations won't be boring anymore while watching a slide for ever. Looking forward to my first ignight - guess it'll be fun. Cu you there soon.


Too late for me to drive to down town. By the way you need better publicity. I just learned about it now.


It was a lot of fun. Shame about those folks who took the time to attend and then yakked through the entire thing ignoring everything else around them.