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Iglab/ UWE Play Research Group present

Guy Debord's Game of War

Tuesday June 10 Pervasive Media Studio – 7.30.

You are invited to an evening of performance war gaming led by UWE's Rod Dickinson. Guy Debord is celebrated as the leader of the Situationist International and as the author of the searing critique of the media-saturated society of consumer capitalism: The Society of the Spectacle. What is much less well known is that after the May '68 Revolution, Debord and his partner - Alice Becker-Ho - quit Paris and went to live in a remote French village. Over the next two decades, Debord devoted much of the rest of his life to inventing, refining and promoting what he came to regard as his most important project: The Game of War.

Dickinson and his colleagues in Class Wargames have been playing the game for the past year with a specially reconstructed set made. Rod's work as an artist involves performance and installation based on reconstruction; he has a particular interest in cybernetics and control. For Debord and his partner Alice Becker Ho The Game of War wasn't just a game - it was a guide to how people should live their lives within Fordist society. By playing, revolutionary activists could learn how to fight and win against the oppressors of spectacular society.

Come and sign up for the Situationist Army

Tuesday June 10 Pervasive Media Studio – 7.30.

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Official Website: http://iglab.urbanantics.net

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