Leadworks, Anchor Square, Harbourside
Bristol, England BS1 5DB

11th of march, 7-9pm at the PM Studio

thanks to all of you who came last month
and thanks for all the feedback you've given
more of that please
iglab is open
so you can be as involved as you like
right now id like to know
what would you like to see at the lab?
what kind of games?
what kind of questions should we be asking?
who else should be in the room?
how would you like the time to be split ?

but if you'd like to get more involved with iglab, your welcome
just let me know

this month at the lab the games will be split into major and minor
major games will be played at predefined times
minor games will be played on an ad hock basis throughout the night
this should give us the chance to play examine a lot of different games

this month there will be a theme to iglab: relationships
the theme will really be more like a filter we can use to examine the
games we play

some games at this months lab will be:
swarm toolkit continuing playtests
holla lu lu
lip sync
do you worship Cthulhu?

more games will be added to this as they are confirmed
check the site for updates to the games line up

and if anyone wants to bring a game to the lab mail me to let me know
what requirements you have
remember these evenings are experimental so games / rulesets need not
be complete

and if you'd like to play any mods of the games we played at the last
lab let me know about that too

see you at iglab


Official Website: http://iglab.urbanantics.net

Added by JohnBradford on February 29, 2008