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on "Video Goes Viral … Strategies for Large-Scale Video Network"

Dr. Satish Menon
Yahoo! Inc

Golden Jubilee Seminar Hall, ECE Dept., Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore -560 012
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Date & Time
Wednesday, 7th March 2007, 5.00 to 6.00 pm

Broadband deployments are reaching critical mass in most developed nations – leading to the next wave of evolution of the internet – the ”video-enabled Internet”. Together with the emergence of user-generated content and long-tail opportunities, the explosion of video traffic on the public internet is predicted.

In this talk, we will look at the effects of explosive growth of video on the Internet and strategies (system architectures) for dealing with this growth. We will look at distributed architectures for video, including peer-to-peer and hybrid network architectures. Time permitting; we will look at the economics of the situation, given the current network tariffs, peering relationships and transit paths, etc.

Dr. Satish Menon is the Chief Architect of Yahoo Media Group. He oversees the architectural evolution of Yahoo’s entertainment media platforms, including its networked video platform. Prior to joining Yahoo, Satish co-founded Kasenna – the market leader for IPTV content and SOA-based application delivery platforms. Kasenna was an SGI spin-off and at SGI, was the director of the software technology group where he led the development of the company’s award-winning media server and digital asset management platforms. Before joining SGI, he was a research scientist at Georgia Tech’s Distributed Systems Laboratory where he led the NSF-funded project on distributed operating systems. He started his career at AT&T Bell-Labs where he worked on various technologies such as wireless telecommunications, LAN switching and UNIX kernel I/O subsystem. He was one of the founding board members of the Internet Streaming Media Alliance (

Satish earned his doctorate in computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology. He holds key patents in the areas of video content distribution and digital asset management technologies.

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