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IEEE Computer Society, Vancouver Chapter presentation:


Speaker: Dr. Eduard Babulak, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Abstract: The current technological advancements in Internet and Telecommunications Technologies, facilitate easy access to information resources to anyone, at any time and anywhere on this planet. Internet access has become essential for any establishments in business, academia, manufacturing, law, medicine, government worldwide. New generation of Internet applications will facilitate creation of global work-place and learning environment utilizing the fully-automated information cyberspace systems.

The author discusses his own vision and concepts of ultimate automated information cyberspace and how this technology might apply in the world of work, education and at home. The author also discusses the current state of the art in the world of Telecommunications and Internet Technologies, new technological trends directions in the Internet and Automation Industries, Ubiquity, Convergence, as well as the concept of the Fully-automated Home, Microsoft project on Easy Living and Future Tech. Author believes that time when ubiquitous fully-automated cyberspace technologies will be considered as a regular equipment in workplaces and homes worldwide is not too far.

For example, a person working from home in Vancouver engages in an augmented video-teleconference with a colleague at the office in London. The home in Vancouver and office in London will have number of task specific computers, special computational sensors embedded with intelligent software agents and multiple cameras and displays. The switch plates may be mounted near the door of each room may monitor the privacy-state of each room, providing simple touch-screen interfaces to common room controls. Both, the office and home are aware of where people are. The automatic switch would allocate the best video feed for the particular video session. The office in London and home in Vancouver computational devices will be interconnected creating a typical office and home environment at the same time.

In light of current innovation communication technologies by IBM, HP, Microsoft, Philips, Sony, authors work promotes formation of inter-disciplinary international teams of experts, scientists, researchers and engineers.

Official Website: http://www.ieee.ca/vancouver/computer

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