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This Identity Open Space is being jointly produced by Liberty Alliance and a group of people who are leading participants in the Internet Identity Workshop. We hope to provide attendees with a highly interactive format in which to explore the topic of user-centric identity. (((It is not an Internet Identity Workshop - the next one will likely be in November.)))
The goal of this support a face-to-face space to continue the emerging, ever changing conversation around identity. Not every one can be everywhere. It is our hope that it will provide an opportunity for those in the northwest (Oregon, Washington State, British Columbia) from a variety of fields - socially good techies, Web 2.0 innovators, Identity Gang participants to meet face to face and dialogue.
Topics likely to be discussed at the conference represent the many identity issues experts are working on today including:
technical standards and specifications,
use cases for a range of industries
applying existing or emerging applications or platforms,
Social and policy issues.
There are a lot of amazing minds working to solve the Internet’s 'identity crisis', and bringing them together frequently—formally and informally—is helping to drive tremendous progress in a marketplace full of pent-up demand for opportunities with truly empowered *end users* in the driver’s seat.

The Organizers

The Identity Open Space organizers are part of The Internet Identity Workshop, a working group of identity practitioners representing many different viewpoints and companies. IIW has held a number of gatherings that have done much to advance the notion of user centric identity, foster mutual understanding and bring about convergence of ideas. The most recent was an Open Space, held in May 2006 and highly regarded by attendees, focused on user-centric identity and identity in the large—that is, providing identity services between people

Comments on the May 2006 event.
We are committed to broadening the dialogue around the technical and social issues with user-centric identity. The Identity Mashup at Harvard will conclude with a third day of Open Space. Another Identity OpenSpace will be held prior to Digital Identity World in September. These open spaces are being facilitated by Kaliya Hamlin, a.k.a. Identity Woman.
Liberty Alliance, a consortium representing companies, non-profit and government organizations from around the world, was created in 2001 to address the technical, business, and policy challenges around federated network identity, including interoperable strong authentication and identity-based Web services.


Open Space meetings are successful because of the passion, energy and engagement of each and every attendee from the moment they decide to attend through their return to the workplace to implement what they experienced at the event—it’s truly a community-building event that doesn’t end. Building on our proven track record, this event will continue to expand participation in the conversation around the rapidly evolving identity landscape. You can read more on this Open Space Explained page.

Wondering what an IIW produced event is like? Here is what industry leaders said about the last one. What is GREAT! about the last Internet Identity Workshop.

Social Media

Planet Identity covers many of the blogs by people in this industry segment

Official Website: http://ios.windley.com/wiki/IOSVan

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