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A Weekly Salon. A Jewish environment. Open to all voices.

Hungry for intellectual give-and-take in a relaxed setting? Then join us at the Ideas Cafe. Meet others over wine, cheese, and coffee at small, candle-lit tables and discuss vital current issues that affect Jewish and American life.

It’s a meeting of minds where spirited discussions move at a rapid pace— sometimes with surprising results. You'll find our sessions provocative, stimulating and fun– and above all, a great intellectual experience.

$10 per session at the door
$5 current Skirball students.


Our sense of right and wrong tells us gossip – however pervasive – is wrong, but restraint is hard. In the age of the Internet it’s next to impossible. With the most powerful, ever-expanding grapevine in human history at our keyboard fingertips, gossip is both easier and more viral. Anonymity removes accountability. But where is the blurry line between the useful and the malicious? How do we decide what’s true and what’s hearsay, what’s harmless and what’s slander? What ethics apply? And should celebrities, who choose to live in the public eye, be treated differently from the rest of us? Join us to discuss these and other questions.

This session will be led by Esther Kustanowitz

Official Website: http://ideascafe.org

Added by Skirball Center on October 13, 2006