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Menlo Park, California 94025

The Web 2.0 service and application space is exploding - new products, whether features or business applications, are cropping up every day. With this massive proliferation of cool tools, Internet users are becoming increasingly accustomed to a richer experience, clean interfaces, and an architecture of participation that allows them to publish, comment, and engage. And, they also expect nimbleness, reactivity, and accelerated development for all online services. Enterprise systems' distinguishing features, most often, are conversely characterized: large, complex, siloed, rarely updated, and cumbersome UIs, etc.

In this Strategy Series panel, attendees and panelists will discuss how Web 2.0 will affect enterprise computing. The panel will analyze and predict what will happen when we go beyond "deploying wikis and blogs inside the enterprise."

* What features of the Web 2.0 environment are getting traction among users?
* What changes are we seeing now in enterprise? What more can we expect?
* How can your company measure the impact and ROI of a Web 2.0 initiative?

Jeff Clavier, Managing Partner, SoftTech VC and Editor, Software Only

Mark Albert, Partner, Perkins Coie
Jeff Nolan, Director, Apollo Strategy Group, SAP Ventures

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