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All those consumer technology startups that dread being squashed or cloned by a Microsoft or a Sony can cheer up - in the consumer space, at least, the record shows that if what you're offering is valuable and unique, that risk is largely mythical. And while there are plenty of stumbling blocks for new entrants in the consumer space, the opportunities are huge. The key is to know where the real landmines are buried - and how to turn your strengths into an unassailable market position.

This Strategy Series event will bring together leading experts and decision makers in this space to expose hidden opportunities and misunderstood dangers. Discussion points include:

* How can a consumer startup find the sweet spot for partnering with the big players?
* Is the mashup model a fast track to a broad user base?
* How can you create a bulletproof consumer business based on other people's content?
* What factors turn a consumer technology service into a breakout play?

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