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Take two or more rich data streams; add open APIs; blend using technologies like XML, Ajax, and Ruby on Rails; flavor with a healthy dollop of user control; mash lightly. Thousands of creative developers are applying that recipe to open data sources like Google Maps and Yahoo Traffic to create mashups - web applications that combine ingredients in unexpected and useful ways. This mix-and-match banquet benefits enterprise users as well as consumers, with huge promise for areas from business intelligence to the supply chain. This Strategy Series event will examine how the mashup model will spawn a new wave of business productivity, usability, and collaboration - not to mention a whole new genre of consumer products and services. Discussion points include:

* How can companies use mashups to become more nimble, productive, and profitable?
* What new enterprise applications will be possible with more and more devices feeding data in, not just reading it out? (Early indications on the consumer side: real-time traffic monitoring, citizen journalism)
* What risks are introduced when consumer products and business processes depend on data streams you don't own?
* As lightweight user interfaces and development models pervade the enterprise, how will business models morph to match?

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