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Presentation-layer technologies like Flash and AJAX are here to stay and have radically altered some of the most established interaction models on the web. The typical IA document of sitemaps and wireframes was based on prototyping and documenting a very linear interaction model. This presentation looks at some of the changes we’ve experienced working in rich interactions have brought about to the standard wireframe document, as well as the changing roles and relationships between IA, designers, developers and clients.

The core IA-related topic for this presentation is IA in practice, although it expands on core IA skills (in essence, expanding the wireframe toolkit)

This presentation will show case studies from rich-interaction projects created by Blast Radius for clients such as DirecTV, Nike and Electronic Arts. Examples of documentation will be shown, specifically relating to the conceptualization, design and execution of rich interaction applications, along with final work and/or prototypes.

Official Website: http://www.vanue.com/2007/02/01/ia-for-rich-interaction-tools-and-techniques-from-the-trenches/

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