197 East 17th Avenue (@ Main Street)
Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 1

Thursday, June 21 - 8:00-11:00pm. 8-10 dollars.

Powell Street Festival and Blim present:
I-SPY: Voyeurism in Japanese Contemporary Culture

From Japan, Vancouver, and Korea, come three critically acclaimed female artists of avant-garde music, animation, and multi-media performance. Sachiyo Takahashi combines micro-props, soundscapes, and text amongst other oddities to bring you an experiance that transcends a dream-like experiance. Jung Hee Lee combines animation, video, and computer graphics to explore a world of quiet voyeurism as a form of comfort and relationship to others. Kozue Matsumoto combines slides, photography, and traditional koto music to reminisce of childhood and homeland. Creating a conversation between the worlds of performance, video, and sound using animation, voice, and traditional japanese musical instruments, where each element feeds the other, they interpret the notions of voyeurism as entertainment or play in contemporary japanese culture.

More Info available at:

Official Website: http://www.blim.ca

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