318 1st Ave N
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

Prof & Rahzwell consists of two writers and a DJ all hailing from Minneapolis, MN. Each of the members went to school together and played with seperate groups. In 2001 they decided that a group with one vision needed to be formed, and with that came the birth of Prof & Rahzwell as you know it today. Together Prof & Razhwell writes a new page in hip-hop - a new sound free of tasteless tired drum loops and cookie cutter lyrics Black Blondie blends hip hop, soul, trip hop and dub. The band consists of vocalists Sarah White (Traditional Methods) and Samahra Linton, plus instrumentalists Tasha Baron (formerly of Heiruspecs) on Fender Rhodes, synths and boxes, Liz Draper on upright bass and Kahlil Brewington on drums and MPC. The deep, sultry vocals of White intermingle enigmatically with the virtuosic and twangy hint of the burlesque in Samahra's voice.

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