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"I PITY THE DOLLS features the most amazing collection of over 175 vintage Mr. T Dolls, each handmade from the original 1984 pattern, collected and presented by Greg Rivera."

Official Website: http://www.mrtandme.com

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"I Pity the Dolls! San Francisco! A Collection of Vintage Mr. T Dolls"

Following internationally acclaimed shows in New York City and Toronto, I PITY THE DOLLS! opens in San Francisco on May 24th from 7-10 pm at the RX Gallery (132 Eddy Street @ Mason)
I PITY THE DOLLS! features an amazing collection of over 175 pi, A-A
Hurry, Snow Monkey, Empte Eyes, Gonz One, and Chris Brennan.

Greg Rivera, together with his partner in crime Mike Essl, have amassed the largest collection of Mr. T memorabilia in the world. Their site MrTandMe.com has also gained national attention, featured on VH1, NY1, Reuters TV, National Inquirer, and Entertainment Weekly. As no gallery could hold the entire Mr. T collection, I PITY THE DOLLS! will feature the most unique part of this amazing collection — Rivera’s handmade dolls.

In 1984, Miss Martha Originals created a Mr. T pattern book through a licensing deal with Big T Enterprises (the licensing company of Mr. T). This book, complete with full color glossy photos, gave moms and other family artisans the opportunity to create their own "soft sculpture" Mr. T.

Each Mr. T doll is a product of the maker's technical skill, cultural bias and available materials. The body style reflects the early 80s craze for Cabbage Patch Kids and skin tones range across the full human spectrum. Some dolls are characterized by gold chains, defined muscles, tattoos and kids' sneakers, while others look more like
Mr. Potato Head with a Mohawk. Despite the broad variation, the spirit of Mr. T comes through in the love and craftsmanship put into each one by its creator. Like Mr. T said, "Mother, there will never be another."

Rivera has spent years scouring the planet (and eBay) for these rare handmade dolls, bringing them together for the special showings that are I PITY THE DOLLS! The success of the Orchard Street Gallery showing in NYC and the follow-up show in Toronto, Ontario, garnered this collection international attention, including a nod from the American Folk Art Museum, labeling the show as "an important collection of modern day folk art". This is the first time the dolls will be traveling to the West Coast, and Rivera is looking forward to further exhibitions of the collection in 2007.
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