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Here's the scoop. I can help women find dates and possibly their next long term partner. I have a natural skill to communicate with confident women and ambitious men. I can connect these two pieces together and create magic.

Yes..I can help you too! I'm a straight 35 year-old male entrepreneur who has traveled the world and met beautiful women around the world. I'm starting to share my secrets with the world. I'm writing a book on Female / Male relationships and taught how guys could become most successful with women while on a promotional tour in Europe. I've heard numerous stories why women are unhappy with the men in their local area. Not only that, I know why men are turned off by certain women's behaviors, and I could give you some insight into this. With more people posting their profiles on the internet, it doesn't always give the users the most relevant matches. Having said that, people can spend so much time on the various dating sites and never find the right guy. There's more to life than getting stuck in "click-sand." Recently, I was in La Jolla (San Diego), and I met a couple attractive divorced Moms in their 30's at a lounge. They asked me, "Hey, that guy looks attractive...I want to talk to him, but I'm too shy." I said, "What? You look so hot! Just go talk to him...he looks like he could use a discussion to liven up his evening." That's when this idea sparked. Women need help finding the "right guy," not just any guy.

I connect with people of all ages, but the prime market for my services would be people in their 20's and 30's who are educated, professional, optimistic, and stylish. There are several ways that I can help achieve your goal. Understanding the trend with Hollywood's Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher, I could help older women who are interested in dating younger guys but were oblivious to know how to make this happen. More women are taking care of themselves, and age is no longer a big issue. It's OK...I can help you too. I don't want to hear about your divorce, because have a lot of life to live in front of you! I don't judge people's motives, because everyone has a right to be happy. The only thing that I require is that you have high integrity. I will not help anyone deceive others or to intentionally harm other people. I don't care if you're a woman or a man. Life is too short to spread toxins into the social ecosystem. In this age of multiple personalities, integrity is the only thing that people have. I will not accept any clients who are not sincere with themselves or with their potential partners.

I go out to the City's swankiest nightclubs and lounges. We can go to nightclubs or lounges in which I become your "Wingbrother," and I steer the guys that are your style towards you. I'll start the conversation and introduce you to each other. My skill is to make the socialization so natural, so seamless that it doesn't feel like a set-up for either party. I know how to make fun and to make the fun go around the room. You decide whatever you feel comfortable doing in order to attract the guys, because you're the client. Furthermore, I recommend on how to attract the right kind of guys, and this can be via telephone consultation. If you're coming here for business, then I could direct you exactly which places to check out so you have an enjoyable trip. Who says that you can't have fun working? There are so many ways to meet the man of your dreams, but I hate to say that you need to get off the internet and live your life. The only way to build your confidence is to hang out with confident and ambitious people.

I'm very selective with my clients. My rates are rather pricey, however I'm willing give the users on this site a very special deal and offer a free, no obligation consultation. You have nothing to lose, but I ask you to be sincere. Please don't waste my time and behave respectfully.

OK....if you're a guy and you're wondering if I could help you, the answer is Yes. I have another approach for guys which worked for me throughout the Western World.

If you want me to help you, email this information:
- Explain what your expectations are. You can be as detailed as you want.

- Your latest photos that best represents how you would attract men (no more than 2 and keep it clean). I will only respond to respondents with photos.

- Briefly describe what kind of guy you want to meet in less than 3 sentences. Keep it simple. Guys have a short attention span.

- Where do you normally meet guys.

- Your contact info. I will only leave one voice message if you don't answer your phone.

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