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How many times has your loved one or gay friend dragged you to a musical against your will? How many times have you expressed your distaste for the musical genre? Well Dumpster Tequila is going to turn your dislike of musicals into a love of musicals with I Hate Musicals with Dumpster Tequila.

Dumpster Tequila will interview one audience member who has expressed a dislike of musicals, we’ll ask them why they hate musicals and then invite them to share things that they do like, whether that be disaster movies, sports, or comic books. Then we will tailor make a 25 minute musical to fit their likes and show them that, through celebrating the ridiculousness of musicals (dream ballets, racial stereotypes, star-crossed lovers), all they think they hate about musicals are the reasons to love them.

Dumpster Tequila manages to make the impossible, possible, the distasteful, tasteful, and the absurd, understandable. So come with us as we explore the ridiculousness of musicals together!

Official Website: http://www.dumpstertequila.com

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