407 Bainbridge St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147

The MacKnight Foundation presents !!27 plays!! Tickets: http://j.mp/McK_Tix
Play #1: 'I Hate Monologues' by Mark Knight. -->
Shakespeare, spanking and Richard III: A fast, nasty, funny play with Shakespeare's Richard III, two brilliant women, an old Brit who thinks he's clever. And the villain is..?
->Plays #2 thru 27: 'The Alphabet Plays' by Bill McKinlay - Alliteration Gone Wild - 26 letters, 26 plays; you'll figure it out - honest. Male/female full frontal nudity included!
-->The Alphabet Plays, Sat, Sep 15, 3:30pm
-->I Hate Monologues, Sat, Sep 15, 8pm
-->The Alphabet Plays, Sun, Sep 16, 2:30pm
-->I Hate Monologues, Sun, Sep 16, 7pm
-->The Alphabet Plays, Mon, Sep 17, 7:30pm
-->I Hate Monologues, Tue, Sep 18, 7:30pm
-->The Alphabet Plays, Wed, Sep 19, 7:30pm
-->I Hate Monologues, Thu, Sep 20, 7:30pm
-->I Hate Monologues, Fri, Sep 21, 4:30pm
-->The Alphabet Plays, Fri, Sep 21, 8pm
-->I Hate Monologues, Sat, Sep 22, 4:30pm
-->The Alphabet Plays, Sat, Sep 22, 8pm
-->Tickets: www.j.mp/McK_Tix
-->Facebook: www.j.mp/McK_Plays

Official Website: http://goo.gl/cj2DZ

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