332 E 11th St
New York, New York 10003

No plans this Halloween night? Got plans but they suck? Then come to Rififi to laugh and have great times with I AIN'T 'FRAID OF NO JOKES.

Downtown favorites Max Silvestri, Joe Mande, and Noah Garfinkel will be presenting all-new original "bits", "sketches", "skits", "yuk-em-ups", and "a video" as well as hosting some of their favorite comics in NYC.

So even if you hate the three of them (totes unlikely), why not come to see faux Christian rock favorite God's Pottery, VH1's Nick Kroll, Comedy Central's Leo Allen and Bobby Tisdale, or TV's Gabe & Jenny? They are all so great. Maybe they will be dressed as sexy barmaids or sexy milkmaids or sexy assault victims? Come to find out.

This show is free and will be fun. We encourage you to wear a costume, but only as much as we encourage you to drink responsibly. (You'll probably do neither.)

I AIN'T 'FRAID OF NO JOKES: A Halloween Spooktacular
Tuesday, October 31st @ 10pm
332 E. 11th St (betw. 1st and 2nd Ave)


Official Website: http://ccinsider.comedycentral.com/cc_insider/2006/10/who_ya_gonna_ca.html

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