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Are you sick & tired of struggling with the same problems over and over again? Do you want to learn how to get relief from these issues once and for all? Learn EXACTLY how From the world's leading self hypnosis experts... for FREE!

Self Hypnosis is the safe, natural timeless practice that has been used in cultures around the world for centuries with startling results. Our leading experts will show you how to harness this natural ability for your personal relief and success.

Over 20 amazing presentations during the hypnosis world summit itself, an online virtual event, starting on May 4th, which covers topics such as:

* How to get relief from physical pain and discomfort
* How to open the door to attracting abundance into your life
* How to end unhealthy eating patterns to lose weight
* How color can influence your life and how to use it to your advantage
* How to improve study skills and academic results
* Ways to manage your life more easily and relieve tension and stress
* And much more...

Added by gina.gaudio.graves on April 14, 2010