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Saint Louis, Missouri 63118

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? They are the person, who lives only in your head, yet you talk to them and they talk to you, they see you and you see them. They are as much a part of your life as your little sister.

What if you grew up and still had that friend? What if you kept your imaginary friend for 15 years? What if one day, right out of the blue, your imaginary friend decides that things just aren’t working out? That they need some space… That they were leaving you… What would you do?

Welcome to the world of “Insignificant Others…a love story.”

Written by Saint Louis playwright James Russell Wax in the same vein as Steve Martin and Christopher Durang, this wild and wacky comedy begins in a park as Richard and his imaginary friend, a clown named Sunshine, are talking about their relationship. Not wanting her to go, Richard pleads and begs Sunshine to stay with him. While on the other end of the park, Allie and her imaginary friend, a grizzly bear by the name of Dr. Cuddles, are discussing their relationship. Allie is trying to move on, but Dr. Cuddles reminds her of all the hurt and pain in her life before he was around.

As if imaginary friends weren’t enough of a hurdle to finding a “normal” relationship, Richard and Allie are constantly being assaulted by their eccentric and outlandish family members. For example, Richard’s mother is convinced her son has an extreme case of “Oedipus Complex”, and Allie’s father is a body-building divorcee who dates girls younger than his daughter!

“INSIGNIFICANT OTHERS…a love story” is a drop dead hilarious, not-so-typical, relationship comedy about love, hate, and imaginary friends. Performing at The Tin Ceiling, 3159 Cherokee Street STL , MO 63108 , Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays February 8-24, at 8:00pm. Sunday performances are February 18 and 25, at 3:00pm.

Tickets are $10 for students and seniors and $15 general admission, with pay what you will Thursdays. Advance ticket reservations will be taken at 314-368-7306.

For more information call 314-368-7306 or visit hydewaretheatre.org.

Official Website: http://www.hydewaretheatre.org

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