7622 Michigan at Ivory
St. Louis, Missouri 63111


Kathryn Blume is a woman with a simple goal. All she wants is to save the world from global warming, and she’s trying to create a movie that will do it. But she’s got a couple of problems.

She’s a solo performer from Vermont. She doesn’t know anyone in Hollywood. And she’s in a chronic, weepy panic over the fact that serious climate change is happening now and while the whole point of this piece is to help save the world, she’s afraid it’s already too late. Then Kathryn has an idea:

What if she creates THE BOYCOTT, a movie-within-a-play, in which the First Lady of the United States, Lyssa Stratton, launches a nationwide sex strike to fight global warming? Brilliant! As the play unfolds, the story of Kathryn, trying to keep her emotional head above the waters of despair and create a piece of theater which will make a difference, interweaves with the story of Lyssa, who has to take on her indifferent husband, a hostile press, and a romantic rival who’s not only in bed with the President, but with the darkest powers of the oil industry.
Aided by her impassioned daughter, a high tech Secret Service agent, and a plucky Brazilian tree frog she meets on the Astral Plane, Lyssa bumps and lurches her way into an unexpected, wildly comic, and ultimately successful campaign. Kathryn, too, with the help of friends, the extended DVD of The Lord of the Rings, and significant quantities of dark chocolate (organic and fair trade, of course), manages to complete her tale and find a bright flame of hope for herself, for her audience, and for the future of the world.

THE BOYCOTT will be performed in The Ivory Theatre, at 7622 Michigan Avenue, on April 4 and 5, 2008 at 8:00pm. All performances are $15. Children must be accompanied by an adult. For tickets, please call Metrotix at 314-534-1111. For more information, call 314-368-7306.

Official Website: http://www.hydewaretheatre.com/index.html

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