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Finland's Husky Rescue is doing a very limited tour around stops at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. The outfit mixes together sound in a fashion similar to the Cardigans, drawing inspiration from the movie music of David Lynch, Lars von Trier, Wim Wenders, Lukas Moodysson, and Russ Meyer, along with Scandinavian architecture, Erik Satie, the airy lushness of French impressionism and Philip Glass, the sound of Arvo Part, warm and honest country music and a lot of other things in pop culture (such as) graphic design and photography. Like Brian Wilson, they wish to make music which loves the listener back.

"Sweetly sad without being melodramatic or bleak, Kisses and Interrogation mixes a little Buckley, a little Coldplay and a little Cure, and a little Beatles together and still manages to create something fresh and sonically layered." -- Spark Knoxville

Atlanta's SNOWDEN drowns their brand of melodies in a sea of reverb heavy distortion and hypnotic layers. Anti-Anti (JT1115), the band's debut album for Jade Tree, integrates the ethereal guitar resonance and dynamic percussion reminiscent of bands like RIDE and early CURE, with the volatility of contemporaries such as THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS.

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