Whitesburg Drive
Huntsville, Alabama 35801


Space is limited to 18 people for this event.

Registration is filling up fast!

Where: Wine Cellar (489-WINE)
What: Cork & Canvas 2
Cost: $25

Attendees will start by choosing from a special selection of wines downstairs. After selecting their own bottle at special event pricing, the participants will journey upstairs to unleash their inner Van Gogh or Picasso, perhaps Disney or just the inner third grader that wants to paint!

After learning step by step how to create their own masterpiece, attendees can take their painting home and proudly display or recreate it in their home. All of this and more while enjoying some of the finest wines in town.
It is really fun to share your bottle with those around you to enhance your wine vocabulary, meet new folks, and try new things! See you there!

Contact: Chris
Email: [email protected]
Phone: Shepard

Official Website: http://www.calendarwiz.com/calendars/calendar.php?crd=hypcalendar&PHPSESSID=62130d28e9f539bd9873782a7e24ee94&jsenabled=1

Added by bhenak on February 15, 2008