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Based on innovative research initiated by Leo Burnett (partnered with CanWest Mediaworks and The Ideas Research Group) to better understand what actually comprises consumer engagement, this provocative series of four seminars has been created.

Anchored in seven pillars that contribute to engagement, the series expands upon the key research findings under the titles of

- The Mind
- Storytelling
- Aesthetics
- Message Diffusion

The first in the series, The Mind, is a unique perspective on where engagement begins, and features leading practitioners in the fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience from Columbia University and U of T. They will explore the brain and the mind, information receptivity, emotions and behaviour.

While the approach is offbeat, the goal couldn’t be clearer: Pair scientific research with innovative thinking to give marketers, creatives and media sellers a better understanding of what motivates consumers. And a better chance to move product.

To register visit www.strategymag.com/hungrydogs or contact Margarette-Anne MacDonald at 416-408-2300 x223

Official Website: http://www.strategymag.com/hungrydogs/

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