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Course Description:

In dynamic organizations today, Human Resources' role is vital in contributing ideas for success and executing companies' business plans. Therefore it is critical that Human Resource initiatives link directly to the strategic goals of the organization and results are measured. Human capital is not only one of the largest expenses for an organization; but it is the major contributor to its success. Therefore, Human Resources needs logical, meaningful metrics for each key area.

In this seminar we will discuss measurements and ratios that will determine the success of Human Resources' programs and practices. Human Resources uses both left and right brain thinking to achieve its objectives and key metrics for both will be covered. This seminar will give you practical ongoing measurement tools that should apply to all types of organizations and discuss others that may be unique to your specific line of business.

Note: We have also scheduled a full-day seminar on "Auditing the Human Resource Function" on the previous day, January 31, 2013, at the same location. Sign-up for both days and save 10% on registration. Click here to register for both days.

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