812 7th Street NW
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

2006 DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival

Short Films Program I - Human Circuitry
Friday, Oct 6, 2006 - 6:30 PM

Whether it’s with a friend, family member or even ourselves, we often seek a connection with familiar souls. The selection of short films offers the sometimes automatic, sometimes painstaking, but often touching stories about how people connect.

Individual film descriptions below.

Total Running Time: 88 min.

Tickets available at the door. Cash only.

A free $50 gift certificate to Elephant & Castle will be given away at this screening.


What Remains
Narrative Short
Director: Eric Lin
Running Time: 15 min
An “Odd Couple” pair of brothers are featured in this richly composed tale about conflict and understanding...while transporting a corpse.

Narrative Short
Director: Daniel Mulloy
Running Time: 12 min
A beautifully shot and touching story about the connection between a Chinese adopted teen and his sibling as they face challenges on a bus ride in rural Wales.

Rolling Longaniza
Documentary Short
Director: Romeo Candido
Running Time: 9 min
Is bigger really better when it comes to longaniza (Filipino sausage)? Ron is determined to change his life by proving it may be. (Cebuano w/English subtitles)

Of My God
Narrative Short
Director: Wilson Tang
Running Time: 13 min
The father of a new immigrant family suddenly dies, leaving his wife and two young sons to struggle with filial responsibility in a foreign land.

Ise Kyopos
Documentary Short
Director: Cerin Hong
Running Time: 30 min
Funny and insightful, this film documents a group of second generation Korean German women as they recount their lives as non-ethnic German nationals and connect with their heritage through traditional drumming and dancing. (German w/English subtitles)

Calling Carla
Narrative Short
Director: Dave Kim
Running Time: 9 min
A travel agent is drawn to help a French tourist in distress.

Official Website: http://www.apafilm.org/2006/program_details.php?id=18

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