Oxford Road
Manchester, England M13 9PL

with James Lewis

We've finally worked out how to build massively scalable internet applications. REST and Resource Oriented Architectures are proving hugely successful; but the Internet is changing. HTML5 WebSockets are a W3C supported protocol that offer developers greater flexibility when implementing the next generation of internet applications. The speaker will explore the practical applications of the WebSocket protocol, it's limitations and the impact on internet-scale software engineering.

This talk is targeted at Developers, Technical Leaders and Architects.

James Lewis is a Lead Consultant with ThoughtWorks where he has worked as a developer, tech lead and XP coach in various companies: Investment Banks, Publishers and media organisations. He is passionate about the XP practices, seeding cultural change within organisations and applying what he's learnt to deploy maintainable, robust and scalable software into production on time and on budget.

Official Website: http://manchestergeeknights.wetpaint.com/page/HTML5+Websockets

Added by Andy Robinson on April 26, 2010