1700 Beach Ave.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Archangel Fireworks Inc

Show Designer:
Kelly Guille & Sean Procter

Soundtrack Designer:
Sean Procter


Theme: Take Five to Jive

Throughout the 20th century, succeeding generations of young people have embraced new forms of rhythmic and rebellious music. During the 1930's a positive and optimistic new sound emerged, providing a generation with a means of escape from difficult times.

Let us take you back to a time of ballrooms filled with guys and galls jumping and jiving to the syncopated beat of the big band. Hear the symphonious sounds of warm brass punctuated with energetic drum solos and strutting bass lines. Embrace the romantic, energetic mood that is created.

This sound holds a sentimental place in the memories of those who lived through that era. Flash forward to present day, and you'll find these sounds alive and well. They have found a place in the hearts and minds of today's generation of musicians and music lovers alike.

It is from this great musical movement that we take our inspiration for 'Take Five to Jive'.

Official Website: http://www.celebration-of-light.com/Event-Information/Canada.php

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