Allston, Massachusetts

Hrvatski (Planet Mu)

Doormouse (Addict / Planet Mu) (MySpace)

Can't (myspace)

From Planet Mu:

Owner of the Distort and Addict labels based in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Doormouse has been producing

some of the most slammingest sick-ass jams since 1852. The OG midwest badass. One of my very favorite

producers ever of all time. Sick! Dennis Hopper sick. Imagine camping with Dennis Hopper and he roofies

you out in the woods somewhere and you wake up sewn to a family of badgers. Well he's sicker. This man

will tear you a new shithole. Lots of folks talk all kinds of shit about Dan, legendary shit, meat in his ass,

crossfader dick, whatever, you fucks don't know shit, he's sicker than that.

At O'Brien's Pub, 3 Harvard Ave, Allston MA, 21+, 9:00, $8.00

Added by Honeypump on March 18, 2006