455 Abbott Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

Hrdvsion’s obsession with morphing sounds and musical hardware continues to be the main inspiration his musical explorations. Growing up in a musical home, filled with a harpsichord, guitar, an electric piano and a mob of bush band instruments; brought Nathan Jonson into the world of Hrdvsion. Having these instruments surrounding him helped develop his interest in abusing sound at the age of 8. The remaining formative years included a focused foray into the over edited, deconstructed sounds of influences such as Squarepusher and Aphex Twin. Nathan’s chopped and disjointed sounds would become an interesting contrast in his early performing years to the seamless sounds of his brother, Mathew. Now 10 years later he has began fusing Techno with experimental music to create something both dance friendly and adventurous. Tracks such as Oxygen Sway and The Sick Memory EP have begun to forge Hrdvsion’s reputation in the experimental electronic music scene, flowing everywhere from intricately layered composition to dirty cranky house. With releases on Wagon Repair, Itiswhatitis, Subpop, Traum, and Plak, he has received much acclaim, including being charted/played by such artists as Dominik Eulberg, Laurent Garnier, and Mathew Jonson, and with such publications as de:bug, atome and stylus. As he continues to focus on both his studio production and live performance, releases to come on Plak, and Wagon Repair are all in the works for the imminent future. Musical experimentation with a focus on destroying sounds through hardware and software is within Hrdvsion’s blood; and will always be a part of his life.

Added by sroe on December 1, 2006