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Being a small professional services provider has many advantages. It is also subject to a number of traps that can, if left unattended, derail an otherwise successful practice. Chief among these traps is the lure of "dungeon dwelling", the joy and the ecstasy of working as a free agent, in a home office, with total freedom to decide who, when, and why we will interact with those annoying "people". Face the facts and learn some simple disciplines that will make "dungeon living" fun and profitable.

In this provocative presentation, Jim Rodgers reveals the secrets that have enabled dozens of successful professionals to live the good life and make massive incomes while controlling their work, their environment, and their relationships. Participants will learn:
- Why we prefer dungeon living
- How getting hooked on the life can impact your ability to make a living.
- Why deciding to abandon the dungeon is a pipe dream.
- How simple disciplines make this life profitable and fun.

Mr. Rodgers is the author of the groundbreaking book, Managing Differently: Getting 100% from 100% of your people, 100% of the time. He is highly regarded as an extraordinary speaker and management consultant. He has published over 50 articles, delivered over 200 speeches, advised and served over 160 different organizations as a lead consultant and has become the leading advocate for using the principles of diversity management as a strategy to improve overall performance.

Special Guest:
Dr. Drumm McNaughton CMC, Chairman and CEO, IMC USA (2008-2010).

$25 for Members, $35 all others, $10 extra for WALK-INS.

Official Website: http://www.imcnorcal.org

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