365 Brannan St.
San Francisco, California

Are you...
...new to work and trying to figure out the retirement planning game?
...midway through your career and realizing it's time to get serious about a retirement plan?
...playing catch-up as retirement sneaks up on you?

Then this is the Meetup for you! We're about learning how we can get on track for retirement and realizing our visions for retirement, even though we often have competing personal finance goals, like saving for a home or our kid's education. This Meetup aims to give people the knowledge they need to create a successful plan for retirement, now that retirement planning is up to us.

We'll invite guest speakers, including experienced Independent Financial Advisors, successful retirees, life planners and others who can address issues that are important to us (like investing for retirement, managing debt, etc.).

This Meetup is not a forum for selling any kind or product or service. We want to create a space where people can learn, while creating a plan to accomplish their vision for retirement. Please come join us as we get on track for retirement.

At our first Meetup, we are very fortunate to have Randy Gridley as our presenter.

Randy is the President of the San Francisco chapter of the Financial Planning Association and unlike most Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), he works with people on an hourly basis. This means that he often sees people who don't have a lot of money, but need sound, independent advice. Randy also teaches a finishing course for soon-to-be CFPs, so he's very comfortable answering questions.

After about a 30 minute presentation, we'll open things up for questions and discussion.

After the presentation we can informally discuss topics for future meetings and see if there are any activities, besides presentations, that the group would like to organize.

Official Website: http://retire.meetup.com/12/

Added by felipe on March 15, 2007