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This session on conducting effective GMP trainings will cover proven learning techniques for technical and compliance related trainings. It will answer key questions about how to make GMP training sessions more engaging and even fun for the learners in your organization.

Why Should You Attend:

Organizations today are under more pressure to deliver ongoing GMP training to keep their employees current and in some cases certified for their job function. The training programs and their effectiveness have come under increased scrutiny by all regulatory bodies. In most organizations this means more employee time in GMP training. Other types of training like professional development is usually voluntary for the employee, therefore they are willing and eager to attend. GMP training on the other hand is usually mandatory and unfortunately has gained the reputation of being boring (deserved or not) thereby bringing in a hostage mentality from many who attend.

This webinar will help you change your GMP training approach to better engage your learners and improve the transfer of knowledge and skill, resulting in a greater level of training effectiveness. The presentation will help you to:

- Identify the characteristics of today’s adult learners.
- Establish a positive learning climate and increase learner motivation and participation.
- Assess your own learning and training styles and apply the concepts to your training delivery.
- Identify ways to gain, maintain and regain participant attention.
- Find effective learning techniques for technical and compliance related content.

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